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Couple months ago we had a lengthy conversation with executives at Yelp. It was until recently, Oct. 20th to be exact that we found out that they are cracking down and terminating any partnerships they have with companies that are generating reviews. In fact, any company that solicit reviews or have anything to do with review generation they are moving away from that. We can’t even have anything to do with “rep” or “reputation” in our name even if we weren’t soliciting or generating reviews.

Most of our clients aren’t surprised by this action from Yelp and are upset that they are unable to combat negative reviews on the Yelp platform. Have you seen the video that came out a few years ago from Washington Post? If not, you have to Click Here We have stopped collecting Yelp reviews as of couple months ago to align with their terms of service. While some companies are still collecting reviews on Yelp they are likely doing this illegally through scrapping. We undoubtedly have lost prospective clients and existing clients to companies that have said they can still collect Yelp reviews. However, we want to maintain a good relationship with the executives at Yelp and to align our policies with theirs.

In speaking with Yelp we defended our position that we do not solicit reviews. We also added that there are no incentives provided for our clients to promote their customers to leave reviews. Essentially what we are doing is based on statistics. We know that 6% of happy customers will leave a review. So that leaves 94% of your happiest customers not leaving reviews. We streamline that process and make it convenient for your customers to leave reviews on sites that matters most to your business with ease. Through familiar communication channels like emailing and text message we are able to accomplish this.

We’ve been working around the clock to integrate with CRM’s that local businesses use. To streamline the process further and make it even easier for businesses to ask their entire customer base how the customer experience was. We want to be able to help consumers make better informed decisions about your business through authentic reviews.

Providing the best data-driven decisions to our clients is our commitment and priority. Our platform is continually evolving to be in the best interest of our clients to not only help them collect reviews, but provide data that will help their business improve. Reputation Shielder is going beyond reviews to create partnerships that local businesses can depend on.



Author: Steven PhanCo-Founder of Reputation Shielder
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