Text Messaging for Local Businesses

Social parameters dictate we interact. An interaction must occur between consenting parties to remain within the dictat of society. Strangely, the presence of the internet and telephone has widened the scope of communication and business relationships pretty drastically. People now engage in communication that is instant and in written text such as the SMS and with visuals such as the MMS. People, in fact, seem to prefer to remain in contact online more than through face to face interactions. It is a matter of fact that more than 90 % of the consumers want to do business via text messaging methods only. It might seem like a daunting prospect for companies that are new to the technology, but using SMSs and texting enabled apps is merely one perfect way to gain a big audience and reach a wider market.

One of the ways of connecting with potential clients and keeping in touch with existing ones is to let them know or remind them about special offerings. Alerts about deals that are going to occur or are ongoing, coupons that can be fulfilled for discounts can all be done through SMS. This is a way of keeping in touch with new and returning customers in a wisely worded and short SMS.


Surveys and polls can be conducted via SMS too, as well as competitions. Such activities will raise brand awareness, and keep your products and services at the fore front of customers minds. This also helps buyers for their next trip to the market or in their next conversation with their friends.


SMSs and MMSs are convenient ways to grow the audience and reach the target market. This is far more personal and in person, as each individual is contacted individually and thereby validates the idea that the person is extra important and singularly unique to the firm. One can also schedule mass messages to customers at the same time or set up drip campaigns whereby marketing deals and information could be distributed slowly in a drip like effect, throughout the day at different time and days. The reach of SMSs and similar services come to the fore when it is realized that people open their SMSs within minutes of receiving more than 90% of the time.


This kind of service also takes care of problems quickly as people can let the companies know of any problem with ease within a very short time. Even better, they get an, even more, quicker reply as the apps handling SMS messages are time coordinated with the customer support people. Such quick responses lead to more sales from satisfied customers. It also increases store visits as people get encouraged to check out the new things that have been brought in. Multitasking is the way to go here as the shop or firm has to merely supervise and the SMS apps will take care of everything nicely without inputs every minute. The apps are a time and a money saver and are very good at getting reviews as the interaction is direct and without any delays in communication.

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