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Ways to Avoid Customer Experience Horror Stories


Delivering good customer service should be the first priority for every business organization. But unfortunately, many business teams fail to create a good consistent experience for their customers. The customers often seek your help for their problems and if you can’t fix their problems, it is impossible to retain them as clients. If your customers are not happy with your service and products. You can’t succeed or earn consistent profits in your business.

But you can turn around a challenging situation and make it work in your favor, if you apologize for your mistake and offer the client a better solution by fixing the errors and providing a resolution to their problems. After all, every customer knows that a business can’t be perfect but as long as you are providing them with an honest service there is a chance that they will stick to your organization.

Here are some habits that you need to keep in mind while dealing with the customer.

Responding to your customer’s complaint:

When a customer gives a negative review of the product and service. You should handle the situation very carefully without losing your temper. A negative review always spoils the mood of the organization. So avoid responding to a negative review while you are upset. Give time to yourself and handle the situation with a cool mind.

Canceling the service:

When a customer calls to cancel a service they make the call quick and short to avoid an uncomfortable situation. They even want the cancellation process to be easier. A customer care representative finds it very difficult to convince those customers who have already planned to quit the service. Sometimes the client may get angry if the representative engages them much longer than the required time trying to win back their business. Be careful, to note down the reason why the customer is quitting the service but don’t force them to continue with it. Although it’s impossible to control each and every act of the employees, it is still important to improve the communication with your customers.

Having a detailed knowledge about the product and service:

Sometimes when a customer calls a store clerk asking the details of the product and service they fail to give the details. Which gives a wrong impression about the company’s reputation to the customer. Every employee can’t have an immediate reply to every customer’s query but a simple “sorry I don’t know about it” reply is unacceptable. Rather than that a customer should be given a little bit of explanation. An assurance should be provided to them to resolve the issue after a while. Thus every employee of the company should be able to deal with the client with confidence.

The customer is always right no matter even when he is not:

We often encounter clients who make unreasonable demands; although it is impossible to fulfill their demand, you need to deal with them carefully. You have to properly explain them the reason as to why something is not possible. But don’t directly point out their mistake, as telling a client that he or she is wrong is never acceptable.

Simply ask the customer to share the feedback via text messaging. Which is simple and genuine instead of calling them to share their feedback. Ensure that you follow the above habits and check out their experience so that you can improve your company’s reputation.


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