Top 6 Online Site for Business Reviews

If you are now building your online reputation, this information is of the most value for you. We have reunited top 6 online site for business reviews. Not all of them will apply to your particular business. However, there are more than one in which you should look to get some presence online.


These sites will bring your customers the opinion of your company and other similar businesses. The idea is to rate your attention. That way, they can get a general idea of how you treat your customers. Always look forward to giving your clients an experience that exceeds their expectations. That way, you do not have to worry about getting positive reviews, because all of them will be excellent.


  1. Your Web Page



Let your clients speak through your web page. To do it, having a section for customers’ reviews is an excellent idea. You can post there the opinions of your clients. Add the necessary fields to let other visitors post a comment to be published in this section. Promote reviews and encourage your repeated customers to share their experiences with your services on your site. Your web page is the perfect spot to let others know about your achievements. There is no better way to chat about your accomplishments than from the perspective of your clients. A customer review will give your visitors that valuable insight. Make good use of this information and speak it aloud.


  1. Social Networks



Reviews on social networks are the new word of mouth (gone digital). Surprisingly, social networks are not just about sharing and liking things. You can also use Facebook or Twitter as an online site for business reviews, just to mention the most popular social networks. For example, to post a review on Facebook, you just have to go to the review option and chose a rate. Optionally, you can post a review on the site. The Facebook administrator for your company’s web page will decide if the comment is public or not. When a potential client is browsing on your profile, it is always good to have a positive review posted on it.


  1. Google My Business



If you have a retail business with a shop you want customers to visit, then Google My Business is a must place you should have. Google My Business is not an online site for business reviews exclusively. It is the back office to list your business in Google Maps. With Google My Business you get indexed in the local directory that Google uses when he traces things on Google Maps. Having a Google+ profile for your business will allow you to respond to your reviews. But the best part is that the reviews are shown when people look for your front door on the map. This service is similar to Yahoo Local Listings. When an app is connecting to the GIS information using Google Maps, the information of your business will be embedded in the data.


  1. Trip Advisor



Trip Advisor has quickly become the number one online site for business reviews related to traveling. You can find attractions, tours, hotels, restaurants, and transportation services. The format of the site encourages reviewers to write their experience when visiting a place. Photos are allowed letting potential clients see a full profile of a given area. The community feeds the system with reviews, and people who write reviews are rewarded if their posts are useful. This is definitely the site you want to be if you are somehow related to tourism.


  1. Site Jabber



Site Jabber is the online site for business reviews where you can access to the opinions of hundreds of people who are willing to share their experiences. It is a community of around 850 thousand members who enjoy reviewing the places they go to. Their philosophy is that by making public the people’s opinions, the Internet will be a better place. Information is the cornerstone of sharing on Site Jabber, and unlike another similar site, the best of Site Jabber is that companies can get their profile for free.



  1. Amazon



Amazon is one of the favorite online stores for companies and buyers. It has a presence all around the world, plus one of the best rating systems you will find. They were one of the first websites to come up with the idea of allowing customers to post a review. A significant part of their success is that they give the opportunity to their clients to express their opinions on an online site for business reviews. That is most valued, and people appreciate the occasion to make the next delivery better. There are other similar websites to sell and buy things online are available online. They all use similar rating and review system like Amazon.


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