Right Mix of Personalization into Automation for High-End Results During

Technology has propelled us into a leap of faith where business organizations and its customers share a very close relationship that does not end in just being professional and service oriented. If an organization wants to keep their customers with them for long term loyalty programs, it needs to dig a bit deeper and understand why an efficient way of personalization is required for high end optimized results during customer interaction.


Accenture, in a recent article, talks about their retail personalization platform which is made only with the motive to enhance customer loyalty and also generate higher revenue for the organization. Personalization into automation is done so that customer interactions could generate a positive outcome, and the organization gets the necessary information of customers, their preferences so as to make good business decisions. Customer interactions with a personalized touch are born to increase your profit margins compared to only using automated processes. It makes customers feel acknowledged which will make them choose your organization over and over again.


Every organization has a CRM, which is maintained to have access to necessary information regarding its customers. However, if no productive use of the information is done, it would hamper the quality of services and customer retention might become an issue. So, such information flowing through a proper channel should be leveraged out to consumers effectively and in a personalized way.


However, with due respect to all the advantages of personalization in automation, we have to understand that it comes with the requirement of a certain level of efficient handling. Organizations sometimes get both the concept of personalization and automation mixed up which can cause a problem. Thereby, a right blend of the two is required for the success of the company.


But with help of Robotics, it is actually possible to keep up with the personalized touch of a human being without the need to attend to each and every message we want to respond or deliver to our valuable consumers.


Also, we need to know that the new customers in this smart age are always prepared with a detailed research about the organization they deal with, therefore, the organizations should always be ready with good analytical information at hand, marketing tactics for customer retainment and innovate to find new ways to keep them happier than ever before.


Some key points that can help an organization achieve the right blend of automation and personalization are mentioned in detail below:


Growing above direct communication


Live agents or customer care executives are no doubt, the best for direct communication and the best-personalized service provided to the customers. But with the advancement of technology, we can now let our customers experience our service in a self-help manner. Dynamic scripting and NLU  has helped in providing more personalized service to the customers.


IVR systems with the help of natural language speech is now capable of comparing itself with live agents since it has the ability to provide the same level of personalization. Now customers have the choice to tailor the customer service in their preferred language.


As competition amongst companies or business organizations is growing tremendously, rather than offering various lucrative offers on products, and other relatable services, they should invest in tailoring a good personalization touch as it is the best way to keep your customers happy and loyal to the company.


Personalization and automation needs to be interdependent


A customer’s engagement with a business organization or company might be made at any point of time during the relationship cycle, but based on their longevity with the firm, they should never ignore their priorities towards the customers. A customer-friendly organization should work according to the necessity of the customer, keeping in mind their individual profitability too.


We also need deep research about our customers and if our organizational built is of a small scale, this could be done easily, but as businesses grow, this becomes almost impossible and not at all feasible to research each and every customer.


Here, we find the need to use automation to segment our customers into groups which would help us to look into their individual matters, their expectations. Such an insight provided can help an organization pamper and look after the individual needs of the customers.


On the other hand, automation isn’t an independent and all-powerful process which could run without a human mind. It could be termed as an opportunity which helps make the performance of a business or a company better than before.


These are the reasons why there is inter dependency between the two. While automation provides the leads, personalization helps in direct interactions handled by a person.


Tracking the customer preferences


Nowadays, we are observing changes in the way a customer chooses to deal with a particular business. And much of it is done online. But the requirement of the offline way of approaching services is also very much prevalent and cannot be ignored. The need to continuously find and look for an opportunity to maintain consistency and add more customers to the organization’s repertoire is what is expected from the combination.


One of the most popularly utilized strategies is online retargeting. It means by looking at the past history of our consumers, we can get a fair idea about his or her preferences, what could be interesting to them and the services which would attract the customers.


According to a research done by Accenture, customers are more likely to accept personalized ads that would help them in deciding to deal with the particular business.


Keeping up with the contact


After every deal is made successfully, we need to play an important role in holding the attention of our customers in order to make them visit us again. It is quintessential to maintain contact forever with our family-like customers so that the loyalty remains with us. Asking for feedbacks or conducting online surveys are some of the few things that could be done to keep up the contact and foster long-term relationships.


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