Importance of businesses reviews

When it comes to reviews and ratings online, everyone knows what the benefits of it are. Business reviews increase your visibility, credibility and conversion rate. It helps you monitor your customer service efforts and customer engagement.

We all know that word of mouth is an effective tried and tested form of marketing. Word of mouth in the past was limited from one person to the other. With the advent of digital media today, it has adopted a more viral nature. Internet allows such communication to quickly spread across multiple platforms and influence more than hundreds of minds at the same time.

Where there are multiple benefits of this, it is also coupled with increasing distrust for the traditional forms of marketing. This has enabled online reviews and ratings to be more powerful and influential. Here we have shortlisted a few ways in which ratings and reviews can benefit your business and enhance your customer base. But before that, let us learn something about the business review websites.


Business review websites help you monitor your social networks and websites. On several websites you can add details of your social network locations as well as a new physical location, such as shop. So when it comes to business review websites, it does not really matter if you have an established communication strategy or not. Here you can simply monitor the options shared about your brand online on specialized websites and social networks.


Many online review platforms allow an individual or organization to claim their website/location. This approach helps you access different features like figures and statistics based on those users who have visited your store online or physically. It also develops a new channel on which you provide information about your brand (phone number, schedules, websites…).


Getting positive reviews

Internet users give their opinion about products- regardless of whether it was a happy experience or an unhappy one. There are several ways of using a business review website in order to target positive reviews.

  • Link the location of your physical store to the brand page online.
  • Create a business profile page

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  1. For consumers

Business review websites help you establish more trust in the company and product. It gives the consumers a voices and better chance of interaction online with the brand. Online reviews have become significantly important in the last few years. The rise of online shopping has made the consumers wary from the start. Good ratings and reviews help them make an informed decision. It fills the gap between the perceived lack of trust between merchants and consumers.

  1. For E-commerce business

Reviews and ratings provide immense value to the merchants. It helps businesses have research that helps them understand the opinions, and the needs of their potential clients. It is significant for the customer service. They give merchants the opportunity to keep a track of their customer satisfaction and resolve any issue that is highlighted in a review. These websites give customers the information they need and the business the reviews they need to effectively draft their content strategies.

  1. For Search Engine Optimization

Business review websites help you increase your search engine optimization hard work. As a matter of fact, third party reviews are important for the e-commerce links to enhance SEO. Valuable features like relevant keyword check helps you update your content and publish new and unique information about the company. Such factors help to increase the relevancy of a brand online, and translate the performance of a website in a better manner.

  1. Free advertising

You may not consider it as an effective marketing strategy, but it is. Your reviews on a third party site means you are advertising your brand online. We know that the higher the visibility online- the better the chance of growth. Each review is a type of advertising. All you have to focus on is the fact that this advertising remains positive and successful. Online reviews can bring you mass exposure- so better not miss the opportunity.


The revolution of online world has taken the formula of word of mouth marketing to an entirely new extreme. Today consumers have the ability and capacity to share their opinions and experiences with their peers online. It is an extremely powerful and influential way of increasing your credibility. Online reviews and ratings give the consumers an increase in confidence, a voice, and better information about the product. You can expect a good number of sales by keeping a track of your online reviews.

On the other hand, what you cannot afford is ignoring these comments. Where reviews are important- so is the level of interactivity from the brand’s side. If you are silent about the issues rising in the name of your product/service, you will be dramatically reducing all that you were working so hard for.

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Author: Susan MillerSusan is an accomplished graphics designer, published author, and writer with 2 different publishing companies, & over 5yrs of experience. She is Elevatie's online content manager and graphics designer.
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