How to select an online reputation management service

In this cyber age where it is easy to find detailed information concerning anything and everything- with the help of search engine, an online reputation management service is a must. Many of us are however not aware of the fact that selecting an ORM (Online reputation management) service involves a careful analysis of the team you are lending your business to. Turn to an expert consultant to learn about what is best for you organization. To learn what works and what does not work.

If you cannot find an expert or are still wondering about how you should hire an online reputation management service, then consider the following three tips, for they summarize everything that you need to look for in an online reputation management service. However, Reputation Shielder is here to help you improve your business by connecting you with consumer reviews and analytics. If you would like see the demo click here.

  1. Types of services

You will find a long list of service providers in the market. Select the one which suits your needs the best. It is important to understand that online reputation management is not just about repairing the damage done by a negative comment. It is also about building and managing the reputation of your brand from scratch. So which option are you in search for? Do you want a service that covers everything? Or do you want a service that handles only the problem concerning your brand? Provided that, ensure that the service plan you select meet these particular requirements.

Before giving an online reputation management service a job, ask the apparently “excellent” company to show you a rough portfolio of whatever work they have done in the past. It will give you information about how things work with them. Transparency is the biggest factor that you must consider. Many reputation management experts suggest that before giving a company the job to manage your service, ensure they provide you with an example of some relevant case studies and projects. It helps you realistically understand how much time it requires to build or repair a reputation online.

Lastly, a great number of online reputation management services claim that they have a big team when in fact they have maximum three people working for them. It is great to meet the team and ensure you are working with reliable and experienced people. This entire screening process is important to protect your investment and time.

  1. Check the credibility

Research about the company before you start working with them. Keep your own opinion aside for a while and check whether the online reputation management service you are opting for is trustworthy or not. If the company has enough experience and reputation, surely people would be talking about it. Verify and ensure that all the facts they claim are true. Search for customer testimonials. A reliable reputation management company is always active on social media. They are well prepared to address the needs and queries of their customers and offer them free advice when required. Explore different social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to find out more on the reputation of these companies. This will help you determine whether or not the organization is capitalizing on the profitable market of ORM.

Be clear and absolutely sure about the consistency at which they have been working so far. After all, you are going to spend your money on this service. Online reputation management involves search engines, the internet, link strategies, content marketing and more. Be convinced that the service you have selected offers you all that it required.

  1. Cost

You may assume or tell yourself right now that the problem of cost is not a great one. The issue of price is as important as you can perceive it to be. When you are selecting an online vendor for the service of online reputation management, look for a perfect pricing system that is affordable at many levels.

For example, an online reputation management work according to your demands. Let’s assume that you have hired an organization to gain more exposure on social media channels. They help you build your identity and for that, you are paying a cost.

But then suddenly a negative comment streams in and destroys all the hard work. Are you going to run in search of a new damage repair vendor who offers you the service at a cheaper rate? It is definitely not a wise choice.

The pricing system of every organization varies. The best one comes in the form of packages. They design different packages for different services. When you hire them, you receive information about all these packages and are therefore aware of what you are signing up for.


Selecting an online reputation management service is all about ensuring that you are saving yourself time and money. Make some smart moves on research and you will be giving away a large chunk of your stress about building an online identity.

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