Today, reputation is everything. Even if you run a brick and mortar business a single negative review on Google or Yelp could mar your reputation. As we’ve investigated, a positive reputation can provide group involvement, while a negative one can shut you out in a social setting, or lead to customer loss.

To a greater extent the outcome of a reputation can affect how customers to shareholders/stakeholders, react toward your organization. According to a current statistics; 83% of consumers say online reviews influence their perception about companies and also 72% of consumers polled said that they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Therefore, the above statistics show the need for maintaining a steady and healthy online reputation.

Here are 6 great strategies to improve your online reputation:

  1. Do a routine check.

The first thing to do is to track or monitor different comments about you, your brand, your products and company using tools like Google analytics as negative comments  are detrimental to your brand name.

  1. Build relationships

Now for each positive review or comment you get, learn to say thank you and let it be real and people will appreciate and speak better of you and your company. Building relationships and having a network of people is a great way to have a positive side effect on improving your reputation online.

  1. Engage in social media

Having a profile in different online media can be a fantastic way to advertise your business and build a good reputation. Many leading brands in the SEO world are actively involved in various forums. These forums can give you a great exposure and help boost your reputation online.

  1. Avoid arguments and apologize

By participating and appearing in the public domain there Is a high chance that someone will disagree with what you say and negative things can be said about your company, take time to say sorry and make it real.

  1. Get feedback

Always ask for feedback from your critics and customers and even the wider community. Feedback is everything; it will help to put you and your company in check.

  1. Have an online reputation management agency


Having an online reputation management agency to manage your reputation online will do you well than harm because they specialize in serving individuals with small or large scale businesses and providing solutions to your public image or digital markets. Reputation Shielder can help you improve your rankings through collecting your client reviews.

In agreement with Davies and Miles in the 1998 Corporate Reputation Review, reputation in relation to business involves three things which are how others see the business, what the business entails, and what the business communicates about itself. Now if one of these elements is out of balance, the brand’s reputation can be damaged.

Thus, it’s advisable to go into online reputation management understanding that it’s a great tool, among others, for refining your company. In maintaining a consistent positive reputation online is no easy task, but with online reputation management services, you are equipped with the tools to help fix a damaged image, build a strong, positive image, and get the training and assistance you need to continue to monitor, manage and speed up your reputation.

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Author: Susan MillerSusan is an accomplished graphics designer, published author, and writer with 2 different publishing companies, & over 5yrs of experience. She is Elevatie's online content manager and graphics designer.
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