A Guide to Improving the Millennial Customer Experience

Gone are the days where communication processes revolved around the baby boomer community. In this modern era, the millennials dominate every marketing aspect of a business and this, in turn, is improving the marketing strategies of various brands. This new age generation is bringing in a new level of competition and zeal to the market.

If we have a look at recent statistics published by Accenture, it is seen that in the US which is one of the leading economies of the world,  the millennials are beating the baby boomers count or even GenXers to attain the position of becoming the largest living generation. And this trend is never going to stop, but will keep evolving at a very fast pace. So, we now have a fair idea as to why preferences of this generation are becoming a priority for marketing departments of medium to large businesses.

This generation has a thinking pattern completely different from the previously trending Baby boomers. The millennials are a category of people who are living with high technological advancements right from the time they are born. Unlike baby boomers, the millennial is a community of people who keep themselves completely engaged in activities that are very commercial and digitized. With the advent of Wi-Fi or most significantly, smart phones they are more influenced by the smart digitalized world and are less attracted towards a more natural non digitized environment.

We always tend to summarize customer satisfaction to be an old age concept as it dates back to many years right up to the biblical models. With this, we must also know that the ideology of carrying out customer interaction strategies in recent years has always been baby boomer eccentric, but with the shift in demographics of the population, things are definitely changing and must change now.

It’s high time for businesses to change their center of attraction from baby boomers to the smart community of the millennials.

Here’s a small guide as to how we can get shift the focus from the baby boomers to the millennials.


Being experimental with the Millennial

As we are now focusing on the smart group of millennials, we need to be very flexible with their taste and preferences. Business houses need to develop new tools and technologies that could bring out the best in this new line of customers and make sure that along with good experience; the customers also find a new driving force to experiment with the various product lines of the organization. As an organization, they should be aware that millennials come with an open mind and are tech savvy with the new technological advancements. There are rapid changes in perception and what is pleasing them at the moment might just not work for them later on. So organizations need to keep growing and always be experimental.


Be efficient and speedy with delivery.

Millennials are technologically equipped individuals with superhuman multi-tasking abilities and they expect the same amount of quality in and around them. They know that the time is ticking away and they give a great deal of value to a timely service, so that they can enjoy the best of every product or service they find interesting and handy. Since millennials are very accustomed to the online customer experience, speed and efficiency in the delivery of service is their utmost priority.


Ethical behavior must be reflected

Millennial like to be engaged with an organization that is value-oriented and show some good ethical behavior. Unlike other generations, millennials are more sensitive to the social obligations of the organizations they deal with and carefully observe the social value given by the organization. Since millennials are themselves well acquainted with ethical behavior, they also wish to be treated ethically and want to see the business treat its employees in a respectful manner too.


Bringing in their language

It is a general notion to believe that informal conversation is best suited for conversing with this generation of customers just like we did with the baby boomers. But with millennials, lack of empathy and lack of nuance in conversations is a major turn-off for them. Even in text messages, the saving grace for the millennials would be the usage of GIFs and emojis which makes them express more and allows them to communicate in different styles. But we need to balance out the informal way of conversing with the formal way so that the besides catering to the needs of this new generation customers, the company motives are also met.


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Author: Susan MillerSusan is an accomplished graphics designer, published author, and writer with 2 different publishing companies, & over 5yrs of experience. She is Elevatie's online content manager and graphics designer.
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