A Guide to Online Reputation management

Online reputation management refers to a strategy that helps you fix online disasters or prevent them from happening. ORM services help you protect your brand identity and establish a secure digital footprint.

Online reputation management brings with it a huge impact on your online success. It is beyond improving your results on search engines. It is about adding value to your online identity, contributing to higher visibility and longevity.

Why do you need ORM?

Online reputation management services are useful as they help businesses and individuals accomplish many goals. To sum up, you can expect three core services

–    Protection of businesses against attacks

–    To enhance exposure

–    Restore your reputation online

Many online experts have confirmed that an ORM service helps you plan against any possible negative comment/situation.

  1. Protection

One negative review or feedback on your social pages can damage your brand name. Online reputation management services help you establish a positive and authentic media which protects your from damage and mitigates what has been done.

How do they do that? ORM services start with analyzing the number of platforms that represent your brand. A team would be established that would constantly monitor your reputation online. Google and Bing alerts would provide them regular updates about anything new that happens on the web concerning your brand name.

Second, by a keeping a constant check they will analyze situations that may give rise to a controversial situation. For example, if a customer posts an inquiry and the customer service does not immediately respond to it, the ORM service would send an urgent alert to the organization informing of the pending inquiry. What this would do is prevent any negative comment or feedback about the organization.

  1. Gain exposure


When you start a new business online, your focus deviates here and there. In such times, every moment is precious. Does not matter if you are starting a small business or a big one. Your reputation online is significant. Online reputation management organizations help you with a strong start.

They give you the exposure that you need to ensure that nothing negative comes your way. Small businesses have no time to protect their online identity as their entire focus is on building one.


An online reputation management service helps you develop a positive approach towards your customers. This also includes an effective customer service.


They optimize relevant website pages for the company that naturally improves their content marketing. Furthermore, these organizations also publish strong content like customer testimonials, reports and whitepapers that help improve a positive visibility online.


Reputation management services also manage your social media channels. They submit a press release on the online news sites, search engines and other authority sites. By taking care of the legal documents like DCMA and SEO requests, they maintain your legibility online.


  1. Restore your reputation


Repairing your image online is one of the most difficult things to do. Believe it or not, you cannot do it alone. When you initially hire a company for protecting your brand against negative comments, you are also ensuring their help during some serious crisis.

ORM services help you restore the damage that has already been done to your good brand name. The organization must know when to hire these services.

They begin with publishing positive content around the keywords that have initially done the most harm. This diverts your audience from the negative scenario towards a positive encounter.

Damage control in the period of reputation crisis changes how you select a reputation management organization. The goal is to customize your strategy because every reputation crisis is different from the other. Sometimes it is because of a bad product review and sometimes it is because of a bad customer service.

The best way to select an ORM service is to ask them for analyses of your business situation. This will give you an idea of how well do they understand the different situations of a reputation crisis.



Finding a strong and professional reputation management service is a blessing the competitive digital marketing today. Today, every website owner is in search of ways it could beat its competitors in ranking and popularity. And the worst part is, it takes a minute for content to go viral online and there is little you can do to control the content that is not under your authority. The search engine is not in your control. You are bound to accept its terms and work according to the ways it orders. But what you can do is build a strong online identity and protect your reputation by carefully planning your marketing strategies. And believe it or not, you can either build an online identity or protect it. Therefore it is imperative to opt for help that goes side by side.


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