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If your business/brand is being discussed online- it means that you have a certain kind of reputation online. In the form of a small business, it is significant to monitor and take control of your reputation online. Online reputation is all about building trust and credibility.

Online presence has become significantly important nowadays. In this digital age, the pace at which things work today requires of brands to have a day and night check of everything that is going on online. You may sleep one night and wake up to a whole new world of digital inventions. Whatever was popular yesterday would be old tomorrow. Maintaining your reputation online in such a chaos is difficult.

Positive reviews and feedback are the most effective marketing strategies. It brings traffic and business. It is significant for your business to monitor the reviews of the customers so that they can be molded into effective marketing strategies. To learn about your own brand online at a low cost is the key. There are several tools that help you build a strong online reputation without even costing you anything. Below are the five key tools every organization should opt for:


  1. Google Alerts

If you did not know already, know that Google alerts is a google search tool that updates you with notifications when anything new happens on web related to your brand. For example, if a customer mentions your brand name or a name of your product on social media. Google Alerts help you scan information from blogs, web pages, articles and research within the search engine network.

It is free to set up a google alert. The terms of use are simple and customizable. Select the type of results that you want google to send you. You can easily select when and how you want to receive these alerts. Google alerts are simple and a commonly used tool for effectively managing your reputation online.

  1. Naymz

Naymz is another great tool which helps you manage and track your social media influence- that is directly related to your reputation online. The more influence you have on social media, the effective your search engine results.

Naymz also offers a feature which rates your influence online across multiple social media channels. It monitors the reviews and feedbacks people give you. Through this tool, you can score between 0-100 about the organizations that have the highest influence. It ranks your level of influence as a member, as a builder or as a brand.

  1. SocialMention

It is a free tool that searches and monitors the social sphere to learn about your brand and competitors. Type in the key phrases and it would narrow down the search to videos, blogs, images and social media questions. The results it provides are detailed with an analyses of the sources, positive and negative conversation measurement and overall reach of a brand. Note however that this tool is not automated. You will have to consistently check the tool after a while.

  1. Automatic Alerts

When managing your online reputation online, it is important to learn what people are saying about you on your articles and blogs. When you post a blog or write an article online, you have the responsibility of staying engaged.

Responding to the comments-regardless of their positive or negative nature is the key to successful online reputation management. Subscribe to comments and respond effectively. You will start receiving the threads of these comments through email. For example, if you set up with any of the popular commenting system, you will receive an update every time.

      Check your email

You have established multiple platforms online that are constantly monitoring your online reputation. But now that you have all the updates coming to you through emails- read them. What is the point of all the effort if you are not doing anything about it? What is important is that you check your email every day. If you have not hired an ORM service, then at least be consistent in responding to whatever you have been able to collect through these free tools.

Checking your email is the key to a successful online reputation management process. It keeps you updated about the things that need your attention.



There are a lot of online reputation management services that will assist you in controlling your reputation online. Many of these services are helpful and many of them are complex.

The general online reputation management process is simple. What it requires is your presence and attention. Always remember that monitoring is the key. Many times, by keeping a consistent check of your services online, you are able to prevent the damage. Preventing this damage helps you save money, time and trouble of having risked your reputation online.

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Author: Susan MillerSusan is an accomplished graphics designer, published author, and writer with 2 different publishing companies, & over 5yrs of experience. She is Elevatie's online content manager and graphics designer.
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