Google review ratings can help with AdWords marketing

Do you want to easily increase the conversions by getting those stars on your Google Adwords ads? Have you wondered how to get those stars? Google search star ratings, also popular as Google stars, is an effective eye-catcher on search results page. However, many SEO campaigns overlook this aspect which is very important in maximizing the number of visitors to your site. In fact, potential customers who would want purchase your products or services will be primarily viewing your listing in an organic search result.

Scripting the relevant page titles and attractive meta-descriptions are some of the traditional ways for sites to maximize the click-through rate (CTR). Though they are absolutely important, there are other ways businesses can improve how they look in the search engines. We will provide you with information on how Google review ratings can help with AdWords marketing.

Understanding local searches:

Local results appear for people who search for places or businesses near their location. These results are shown in a number of places across Maps and Search. The goal in local SEO is to get to the top three map results, and also get review star to show. This brings the potential customers to click on a result with rating stars rather than on result without stars.

Google requires a minimum of five reviews before it shows ratings in searches. Remember to avoid incentivizing Google+ reviews as Google notices when you get a bunch of reviews all in the period of half an hour. You can actively encourage customers to leave their feedback. As customers feel important for being noticed, this will certainly encourage them to review you.

Organic Search Results:

Another factor that has the largest impact on the results is organic review markup code. GetFiveStars assures that your reviews and testimonials of your websites will be indexed as “original content”. Further, these reviews are also wrapped in Review format which indicates Google and other Search Engines that this is not only original content but specifically a “review”.

These reviews, address and aggregated scores are included on your actual page. Additionally, new reviews will automatically be added to your page by GetFiveStars. In fact, you need not change anything on your web page or re-embed the Testimonials Widget Code.

Paid Search Stars:

Getting stars on your AdWords is difficult to achieve. You have very limited control over the appearance of stars with your ads as it is automated by Google. The specific third party review sites are used by Google to determine the star ratings. On your site, you must have a minimum of 30 unique reviews from the past year and aggregate rating must be 3.5 or higher. There are also possibilities of you meeting all the requirements, yet see no stars on your ads.

Showing up well in the search engines are important in winning the clients. Therefore, don’t forget to follow these regular client-winning tips. To gain stars on your ads in the search results, the aforementioned methods – Google Plus reviews, third party reviews, and code language – are very important as they are useful in different circumstances. Try them out right away.


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