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Search engine reputation management is becoming more and more popular every day. Online organizations are expanding their reach in corporation with SEO services. But a professional approach does not only mean to cleanse your search engine results during a reputation crisis. Organizations also need to be aware of the fact that their activities online can have a huge impact on the perception people have of their brand. Here is what a search engine reputation management service can do for you.

  1. SERP Cleansing


Search engine reputation management services are known to push away undesired search engine results. This is done by optimizing, textually, the pages on various domains concerning your brand name and directing a good number of links to those pages. Only if you replace the 10 negative results with 10 positive search results can you reach your goal of maintaining a healthy search engine reputation.

If you find a page to be less negative on the same domain as the search result you want to remove, you should be able to turn the page in the results for your brand name. What this does is that it eliminates the need of multiple results to outrank a bad one, but only one good one. The page required here needs to have a keyword relevance for your organization’s name. Find your contenders online and try harder to increase the number of times your brand name is used on those desired pages.

Google prefers to show less pages for every domain in the first pages- 10 is fine. On the other hand, if a negative result is absolute slander, search engines remove particular results for you. Many websites help you and encourage you to legally deal with such issue. A settlement can be arranged with the website or complainer. This process is cheap- sometimes cheaper than search engine reputation management. But one thing is given: positive remarks and rectifications are important to end things at a well note.

  1. Reputation monitoring

It is always wise to set alerts for your organization, product names and key names attached with your brands. The best option here is Google alerts. Every time a name related to your brand and organization comes up on web page- Google alerts would immediately inform you of that. Social media is usually much faster in indicating reputation troubles. Free services can be used to monitor different social media platforms that can help you resolve a crisis before it spreads on search engine and is shown in your SERPs.

Search engine reputation management services work across different channels and use multiple keywords. Large brands have hundreds of keywords that are used on web several times a day. This careful keyword selection is done by experts of the search engine reputation management services. Professional use of tools to monitor the negative remarks that require attention are your contingency place to react immediately to situations that may dismantle your reputation online. Alternatively, Reputation Shielder is here to help you improve your business by connecting you with consumer reviews and analytics.


  1. SERP claiming



It does not really matter if you have maintained your reputation so far and there is nothing bad about you on the search engine results. The smart move is to maintain it- which is the hardest part in the SEO game today. If the highest ranking results for your brand name is well optimized, it becomes difficult for the newcomers to compete with you.

Following some few simple steps can help you create a stronger image online:

  • Build a brand profile on different domains
  • Create attractive social media profiles
  • Have multiple well optimized websites
  • Hire a search engine reputation management services


  1. Branding


The basic different between PR and marketing is that PR not always includes a commercial aspect. SEO may have been focusing on marketing so far, today it is extremely effective for the PR tasks as well.

Ranking for technical purposes that would in no way bring you sales is not always an intelligent move. But, ranking with detailed insights on the new developments will be noticed by people. This will attract business partners, investors, and media coverage to analyze your authority and potential customers.

Positive attention for your company should rank- for relevant keywords. For example, if you speak at conferences, win awards, sponsor an event or grow in business, it should bring you additional attention from the visitors of Google.

Image search never brings you direct sales. However it is effective for branding.

Search engine optimization has become something beyond a traffic source. Search engine optimization PR may have become more significant for the large corporations than the SEO marketing. Different activities require control over the coverage online media gives. This media uses search engines to analyze the sources, background information and experts. This requires of you to keep hold of a search engine reputation management service that is able to handle everything from reputation building to crisis management.

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