8 Tips to Repair Online Reputation

Building an online reputation is hard, but it is harder to repair online reputation. However, it is not impossible. Here are 8 tips to do it easily.

  1. Set a Marketing Strategy



If you don’t have a marketing strategy, repair online reputation is an excellent opportunity to develop one. You must set course to how you want to be seen by others. Your image is the most important thing, and it is part of your online reputation. Make use of all your marketing skills or hire a professional company to do the marketing for you. Either way, you go, the whole idea is to make more noise with your marketing campaign to be heard over any negative reputation online.


  1. Positive Activity


Use positive activity to kill any negative things that are wandering around the Internet. When you work on repair online reputation, one approach is to get positive things on top of any negative experience. Filling the online atmosphere with positive information is a sure way to get past the bump of a negative online comment or feedback. Create the kind of online reputation you want to have, posting on a regular basis on all the means at hand.

  1. Do not get Visceral



The worse you can do is getting emotional when something bad comes out. Do not make public use of your anger. If somebody posted a negative review or a mean comment, stop before you type. Getting into a fight can damage your online reputation further. Be nice at all times if you want to make it easier to repair online reputation. Otherwise, you will just make things worse by falling into provocations that are just meant to turn you into a mean person.

  1. Take down the Negative Content



When you posted something you regret, the best is to take down the negative content. If your content is under your control, it is in your hands 100%. First, find all the information related to the negative thing you did or posted. Then, wipe it out of the public eye. Depending on which platform you used, the process can take a few clicks or a formal request to the administrators. In either case, you are entitled to eliminate the content as long as you own it. The final step is to de-index the content from search engines. If you are not in a hurry, you can just wait that it is automatically removed as it is not available anymore. However, when it comes to your reputation, the fastest is always best. Ask Google to eliminate the content you just removed from its list. That will save you some weeks on wiping up the harmful material you posted.


  1. Get Professional Help



There are specialized companies that can save your online reputation. Depending on the situation, there are different things they can do. If it is allowed, in some countries it is possible to file a request to delete negative content. However, with the Internet being a worldwide network that will not work in all cases. For a full online reputation repair consult today with Reputation Shielder, they will apply some of these techniques but with specialized software, getting faster results. There are different services to manage your reputation, and you can choose the one that fits your particular case. Request a demo today! Click Here


  1. Be Honest



Honesty is a valuable asset that sometimes is not as valued as it should. Being honest will give you in return the trust of your customers. Even when there is something wrong, if instead of hiding it you make a clear and open statement about the issues, people are going to appreciate it. Nobody is perfect, and accepting it is going to give you some adepts. This is one approach to repair online reputation that few are willing to take, but the public eye truly appreciates.


  1. Use Keywords to your Advantage



To virtually “forget” online whatever negative comments and reputation are around, use keywords to your advantage. Make a compilation of all the keywords that are related to your bad reputation. Then, focus your efforts on publishing new content that will go on top of the negative things that are online. That way you will push down the negative stuff, and search engines will not put them on the first places anymore. This is a slow but effective way to erase bad reputation


  1. Write your Apologies



Simply say you are sorry. That will not take away what you did wrong, but it will help to repair online reputation. As you do it, mean your words and add action items to avoid making the same mistake. That way your customers will know you care, and you take into consideration their comments, especially the bad ones.

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Author: Susan MillerSusan is an accomplished graphics designer, published author, and writer with 2 different publishing companies, & over 5yrs of experience. She is Elevatie's online content manager and graphics designer.