5 Statistics That Prove Email Marketing Is Still Alive

Email marketing, contrary to general belief is still very much alive. In fact, although most persons groan whenever they receive an email some never even bother to read before deleting some. As a result, attest to the fact that emails are not really effective. Yes, we all know that we each get flooded with an average of over 120 emails per day which is quite alarming.


With over 190 billion emails in circulation on a daily basis being overwhelmed by these emails is an understatement, nonetheless, I can confidently say that nobody hates emails. We only get irritated by the ones we aren’t interested in reading. Therefore, customers can still get measurable benefits from email while marketers also get a good payback. To prove that email marketing is still very much alive, here are five major statistics.


  1. It allows for easy access into the rapidly growing mobile market.

Email marketing makes it much easier and consistent for marketers to reach their prospective customers on a daily basis. Statistics have shown that the rate at which people view their mail on mobile phones is way higher than they view it on their computers.

A high estimate of 91% consumers aside from texting and calling on their cell or smart phones, also view email at least a each day. A good explanation for this is that, while people wouldn’t go everywhere with their computers, the same can’t be said of their mobile phones.


  1. Email conveniently keeps consumers informed.

Important information that keeps consumers well informed about trending post are contained in an email and it also helps in reminding the consumers about a social media message or notifies them about an imminent time limit for an offer.


  1. People actually likes receiving emails.

As an individual, I check my mail several times each day; there is this excitement of receiving an interesting email. In the same light, 95% of people that sign up for newsletter from a known brand find such email useful.


  1. Email marketing offers an enticing return on investment.

The extremely low cost of running email marketing ensures that your company or business doesn’t lose much when expected targets are not met, in comparison to failure in other online marketing schemes such as print and direct mail. Going by the statistical report of the Association of Direct Marketing, email marketing generates an estimated 4300 return on investment (ROI). Exact target puts it that, $44 is the expected ROI for every one dollar invested in email marketing. Wow! Isn’t that some huge profit?


  1. Emails offer greater conversion rate than social media.

Email marketing offers a higher conversion rate of 17% when compared to social media and it’s 40times more efficient at getting customers than Twitter and Facebook.

I will now conclude by leaving you to decide for yourself, whether to go with the popular conception that email marketing is dead or with the above stats that prove email marketing to still be very much alive.

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